Joe Forestry

St. Joe harvests over 1 million tons of timber annually. Sustainable practices include complying with laws and regulations, supplying sustainable timber requirements and understanding social impacts.

Timber Management

Sustainable is not a new motto with us; it's been a long-standing method of doing business. St. Joe Timberland's expertise is deep rooted in practical as well as innovative methods. Our forestry operations have produced over 325,000 tons of trees for lumber and pulp on an annual and sustainable basis.

We rigorously examine the characteristics of trees in a forest and the interactions of those trees with each other and with the forest ecosystem as a whole in order to maximize the timber output. Long-term growth and yield models along with soil productivity information are used to calculate timber growth and project yields to monitor that annual harvesting does not exceed more than the annual growth. We aggressively regenerate harvested acres in order to maximize return on investment. To further improve timber volume and harvest efficiency, we use top-of-the-line information technology systems.

Southern Pine, our main product, is a low-cost product that fits well into cost-conscience supply chains. We currently produce both saw timber (lumber used in construction) and pulp (timber used to make pulp for products like linerboard).

Timber Management Activities Include:

  • Timber Harvest
  • Site Preparation
  • Regeneration
  • Planting Services
  • Treatments for Existing Stands
  • Long-term Stand Management Plans
  • Timber Stand Inventory and Valuation
  • Timber Stand Improvement

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